Vaginal Steam Baths
by Dr. Sklar, The Fertility Expert
Vaginal Steam Baths & Fertility

Who are vaginal steam baths for? Any woman, especially if suffering from endometriosis, painful periods and clots, who wants an uterine lavage or internal cleanse of the membranes that often accumulate incompletely flushed debris/fluids from cycle to cycle.

What are Vaginal Steam Baths?
Vaginal steam baths are used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus in conjunction with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy for the treatment of numerous female symptoms.  The formulation of a vaginal steam bath consists of aromatic, cleansing herbs that will penetrate into the uterine wall.

The therapeutic effects of thermotherapy and aromatherapy contribute to the effectiveness of this treatment. Overall the bath aids as a uterine lavage or internal cleanse of the membranes that often accumulate incompletely flushed debris/fluids from cycle to cycle. In addition, the bath introduces healing warmth and softens and nourishes internal membranes.

 The baths can safely be combined with either natural cycles or any cycle involving assisted reproductive technology such as IUI or IVF.
Do you experience any of the following?
Any woman should incorporate Vaginal Steam Baths to their self care routine, specially if experiencing any of the following:
Dark blood at the beginning or ending of your menstrual 
 Irregular periods 
Painful Periods
Cervical stenosis 
Vaginal dryness
Painful intercourse
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Full Kit - $99
This option includes all you need to start doing Vaginal steam baths at home.
(Herb blend + chair)

It includes: Special chair and blend of 13 herbs specially designed to improve reproductive health

Herbs only - $45
This option includes ONLY the herb blend. A combination of 13 herbs, specially designed by The Fertility Expert
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